Creating Vivid Matching
between users and artists.

Mission to society

We collect and organize the meta data of artist’s gigs for vivid matching to 75 million hearts of each people by providing a service to match with other undiscovered artists. And Contributing to people around the world having fun and improving society.

Our vision to achieve our mission

We will help all people over the world to find there SPECIAL artists and enjoy the artist’s world.

Even artists with niche fan base will be broadly, highly and numerously evaluated by getting recognized and tied with people’s needs worldwide. The world will be filled with diverse performances.

Our action guidelines that promise to the society.

  • Hurrah diversity. We act to perform at our full potential as the team of the human abundant in originality.
  • The lie leads the collapse. By eliminating lies and prejudice consciously, we communicate with factfulness in our organization and society.
  • To maintain the trustworthy relationship, we never neglect to communicate with each other even if someone has different ideas from their own.
  • Failure teaches success. We maintain the culture of nurturing the successes that are born from lots of small mistakes.
  • We enjoy individuals creating new values. To create new values, we act anytime as a leader with large responsibility.